ZPass offers a fully secured hybrid network, which combines high-speed, on-site transaction servers with web/cloud servers. This is the most robust solution available today.  For smaller events, ZPass may be offered as a fully cloud based solution.

Our virtual servers reside in the Microsoft Azure cloud making your data available 24 x 7 x 365. Our proprietary design provides an extremely high level of redundancy and fail over.


Our choice of using barcodes Vs RFID is based on three factors.

FLEXIBILITY: Barcodes offer a tremendous amount of flexibility. They can be printed in infinite ways and either redeemed or scanned directly at parking, gates, rides, games and concession stands.

COST: Barcodes are a fraction of the cost of RFID!  

LINES: Using barcodes, we can offer the guests a line-free purchasing experience. For example, the ZPass App enables the guests to purchase passes with their smart phones and immediately go have fun.  This is impossible to do with RFID technology.  With RFID  the guests must stand in line in order to get their bands and/or cards

THE BOTTOM LINE: RFID is far too constraining, expensive, and CANNOT offer the guests a Line Free experience!