18 Years in Service and nearly a Billion Transactions to date!

ZPass – Park Wide

ZPass offers a Park-Wide Solution that includes parking, gate admissions, ride, game and concession management.
With our live tracking and reporting you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your event or park at all times.
Let us show you how to take full control of your show!

100% Live and Accurate Reporting!!

ZPass Ticketing

ZPass offers the most flexible and effective digital ticketing solution on the market.

  • On-line passes (redeemable at ticket boxes)
  • On-line passes (for direct use at rides and/or games)
  • Card or Wristband Sales at Ticket Boxes
  • Card or Wristband Sales at Self-Serve Kiosks
  • Fast-Pass at Ticket Boxes (Go directly to the front of the line at Rides)
  • ZPass App  (Purchase and Share Passes Using Your Smart Phone)

The only system capable of providing a Line-Free experience!

Offer your Guests
a Line-Free Experience

Increase Revenue
by as much as 25%

ZPass Kiosk

Sell Cards and/or Wristbands from our Guest-Friendly Kiosks. 

One attendant can oversee many guests at the same time.  The attendant only gets involved should the guest need assistance. The interface is friendly and intuitive making it a memorable experience for your guests.

Reduced Administrative Costs!


Our fully integrated Food POS system features all the bells and whistles you would expect.  

  • Real-time on-line reporting
  • On-line X and Z tapes as well as machine based
  • Unlimited number of Items
    • Offers Item modifiers and up-sale features
  • Supports all payment methods and optionally can operate in a fully cashless mode using tickets
  • Inventory usage reporting
  • Hourly management emails that provide a detailed breakdown of sales volumes and seller activity
  • Fair Audit Tags
  • And much more!

Fairs & Carnivals

ZPass is the ultimate choice for Fairs and Carnivals. For over 18 years, ZPass (previously known as FunCards) has been the industry leader in digital ticketing and cashless solutions.  We offer a full Gate-to-Gate solution which included parking, admissions, ride and game management, as well as concession point of sale.

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Festivals & Music Events

ZPass is the perfect solution for Festivals and Music Events.  With our online sales capabilities, along with admissions and concession management features, you’ll have everything you need to manage your event.  ZPass has it all.


Amusement Parks

For Amusement Parks and Water Parks there’s no better solution than ZPass.  With our parking, admissions, ride/game, and concession management you’ll have full control of your park.  With our 100% Live tracking and reporting you’ll have your finger on the pulse at all times.

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